Small Steps! Why ShareHouse is chosen before studying abroad?


Hello. I’m Taka, TESEN staff member who manages four newly built share houses in Osaka.

As restrictions on overseas travel are gradually being eased, I’m sure many of you are considering traveling or studying abroad.With this in mind, more and more people are choosing to live in a share house as a small step before studying abroad.


So this time, we have compiled a ranking of reasons for moving into a share house for those who have actually moved into a share house before studying abroad.


Must-see for those who plan to study abroad!


Top 3 reasons to choose a share house before studying abroad

No.1:Possible learn native English

No.2:Experience diversity before you study abroad

No.3:Want to be stimulated by my share mates

Extra:Flexible contract terms


No.1:Possible learn native English


This reason is number one! Since there are many foreigners living in the share house, you may communicate with them using English in daily life. So, unlike what you learn at school, you can “learn live English everyday! This is why many people move in before they study abroad.


Many of the foreigners living in the share house are studying Japanese, so you can even teach each other your native language (language exchange)!


What is Language Exchange?

Language exchange literally means “exchanging languages. Although it may not be well known in Japan, language exchange is very common in countries where many different languages are spoken and where there are many international students. By communicating with native speakers, you can learn slang and expressions that native speakers actually use in their daily lives, which you cannot find in textbooks or reference books, and you can learn about the ideas and values of others who have different backgrounds from yours.

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No.2:Experience diversity before you study abroad

SEN OSAKA クリスマスパーティ2019


Some difficult side letters have appeared, but in a nutshell…


Cross-cultural communication.


When you are in Japan, it is normal to meet people who have grown up in an environment similar to your own. However, look at me! Because there are a wide variety of people living in a share house, you can learn about many different cultures and values. In addition, when you study abroad, you will usually live in a share house or with a homestay family, so many people want to experience a share house before they come.


No more “culture shock” when you go to study abroad!


No.3:Want to be stimulated by my share mates

Many of the people living in our share houses are highly ambitious.They are studying for qualifications while working, or giving their all to achieve their dreams. Spending time with these share house mates is a natural source of inspiration. So those who want to leave Japan with a high level of motivation may choose to live in a share house. Some of the share house mates are moving in with the same intention of studying abroad as you are, so you can exchange information with them.


We are always stimulated as well ^ ^


Extra:Flexible contract terms


Before studying abroad, you want to avoid unnecessary expenses as much as possible! So, this is an extra but real reason related to money. one reason is to choose a share house with a short contract period because there are restrictions on when you can move out, such as cancellation fees and contract periods, if you are living in a 1R or other type of rental apartment, and you have to pay unnecessary expenses. There are also people who want to study abroad in 6 months and move into a share house without renewing the contract of their current 1room apartment.


How did you like it? Others say, “I want to improve my communication skills before I study abroad! or “I want to experience a different culture”.


“I want to study abroad, but I’m not ready to take the next step.”
“I want to prepare myself for studying abroad.”
“I want to learn English before I go abroad.”


I know there are a lot of worries and anxieties before studying abroad… I was one of them!
Maybe a share house can help you with those worries and concerns?

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