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Hello everyone! It’s been getting a little warmer lately, and it feels like the end of winter. While I’m happy to see it, I can’t help but think that pollen season is just around the corner…


Anyway, I’d like to take a look back at the TESEN Share House “Photo of the Month” for the year 2021, as chosen by staff TAKUYA! We’d be happy if you could get a feel for the atmosphere of TESEN share houses!


Let’s look back! “Photo of the Month 2021”
Here you go~!

They are really close. They play games together, go to the convenience store in the middle of the night. Even after one of them left the share house, still come to see each other.


Valentine’s Day at the share house. The ladies prepared a chocolate fondue for guys. The guys look like they’re really enjoying this! It’s hard to think of a way to return the favor.


When you live in a share house, it’s not uncommon to sit around the dining table like a family. “What are you having for dinner tonight?” and everyone starts cooking and eating together.


Spring is the season for meeting new people, starting a new life in a new city, in a new home, and ZEZE OSAKA has also welcomed new members, creating a fresh atmosphere. This party is sure to bring them closer!


When I was talking to a resident who had been living in a share house for a month, she said, “Everyone is so kind and friendly, it’s like a family”.


She was always cheerful and made friends with everyone and was the mood maker of SEN. When she left SEN, she wanted to tell everyone…”I feel so sad when I leave SEN. ”


With summer festivals being cancelled all over Japan this year. That’s why the residents of HAYA OSAKA organized the Summer Festival themselves.



As you may know, ZEZE OSAKA has a rooftop, and it’s great to be able to have a BBQ with your share mates under the summer night sky. It was a farewell party for one of the residents, and there was even a resident who rushed over during her break from work.



This is a scene from the welcome and farewell parties at ZEZE OSAKA. A share house is a series of “Encounters and Farewells “! It’s great to have as many encounters as you did as a child, even as an adult.


The hand-rolled sushi and cake are very colorful! Share mates celebrate like family. And while opportunities to celebrate birthdays decrease as you grow older, a birthday at a share house is a special day you’ll never forget.


In fact, the washroom in a share house is like a second living room! Washing face, brushing teeth, getting ready for a day out. It’s a place that everyone uses, and sometimes you’ll find yourself standing in the washroom for hours at night! I’ve been there myself.


The fishermen KAE OSAKA is definitely him! On his days off, he’ll go out to sea early in the morning and enjoy his hobby of fishing, Every time he catches a fish, he’ll bring it back home and cook it for everyone in the share house!


What did you think? I can’t believe I’m the one who chose them, but they’re all really great photos! I’m sure there’s a feeling of atmosphere that can’t be conveyed in the photos, so if you’re interested, please come visit us! We’ll be waiting for you! I can’t wait to see what wonderful photos you’ll share with us this year!

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